Saturday, March 31, 2012

new beginning.

Hello, realm of blogging. It's me again.

You see, I used to love writing. And then about four years ago, this happened, along with other unpleasant health issues. In the struggle to finish my senior year of college, writing (along with academics in general) went from being a joy to absolute misery. The constant brain fog made me feel like I was incompetent and a failure. Not a pleasant place to be.

Happily, that is not the place I am in now. I tried to start blogging again a couple years ago, but was a wee bit sidetracked by working sixty plus hours a week and helping my dear husband survive his final year of grad school. Now, I am home with our ridiculously cute and attention-demanding six month old son and the itch to write is with me again. While there certainly isn't oodles of time on my hands, I feel like I need to "relearn" the love of writing (plus there is a handsome little guy in my life that I already spam Facebook with, so why not one more avenue to share his awesomeness). So please bear with me as I figure all this out, and remember all those grammar rules that used to be so near and dear to me.

Here's to writing. Again :)